19th Hole – The Golf Lounge

Teein’ Off


Brie Wedges (V)  £4.25

Served with a redcurrant jelly


Chicken Wings

Choose from Jack Daniels BBQ, Franks Buffalo Hot Sauce or Louisiana

8 Wings  £5.00

12 Wings  £7.00

22 Wings  £12.00



Macaroni Cheese (V)  £6.50

Grilled with cheddar cheese and served with salad & fries


Bean (V) or Beef Chilli Con Carne  £6.00

Topped with soured cream and served with rice


Nachos (V)  £6.00

Topped with cheese sauce & soured cream.

Add Beef or Bean (V) chilli £1.50


Served with fries

The Montgomery  £8.00

Homemade beef burger with burger mayo, lettuce and tomato

Add Monterey Jack Cheese  £1.00


Postman Poulter  £8.50

Cajun chicken with burger mayo, lettuce and tomato


The Vijay-Tarian (V)

Veggie burger with burger mayo, lettuce and tomato


Served with fries

The Classic Dog  £5.50

Topped with fried onions, gherkins & Frenchies mustard


The Chilli Dog  £6.00

Topped with beef chilli, melted cheese & jalapenos


The BBQ Pulled Pork Dog  £6.00

Topped with BBQ Pulled pork & melted cheese

On the Greens


Caesar Salad (V)  £6.00

With lettuce, parmesan shavings and croutons

Add Chicken £1.50



Philly Cheesesteak  £8.00

With caramelised onions & cheese sauce


BBQ Pulled Pork  £7.50

With fried onions, coleslaw & cheese

Load It Up


Philly Cheese fries  £5.50

Skinny fries topped with cheese sauce & steak


Pulled Pork Fries  £5.50

Skinny fries topped with BBQ Pulled Pork & cheese


Buffalo Fries (V)  £4.50

Skinny fries topped with Franks buffalo hot sauce, sour cream & chives


Fries  £2.50

Cajun Fries  £3.00

Salt & Chilli Fries  £3.00

Battered Onion Rings  £4.00